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Ladyfuzz Fuzz Pedal


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  • Image of Ladyfuzz Fuzz Pedal
  • Image of Ladyfuzz Fuzz Pedal

Yes. We did it. We’re a punk zine and we made a guitar pedal. And we’re not sorry about it. Not one bit. This is the Ladyfuzz Fuzz Guitar pedal. Made in the UK by Life Is Unfair Audio.

The Ladyfuzz Fuzz uses the best traits of all our usual favourites, and in addition uses asymmetrical clipping with a combination of diodes (silicon and 1960s germanium diode, if you’re asking) to allow for a greater level of clarity when using more complex chord voicings which a lot of traditional fuzz circuits don’t allow for.

It has a long sustain with a brittle decay at the very end of the note and the guitar volume can be rolled back to produce a shorter sustain and more ‘dying battery’ type tones. It’s been designed to have a good low-end response so will work well basses/baritones as well as standard electric guitars.

Top tip: Put this at the very start of your chain. Use a Blues Driver to shape the tone even more. Pair it with a nice reverb to create a HUGE fuzz soundscape.

One input, one output.
Volume control and fuzz control.

*** These are made to order, so please allow 4-6 weeks for them to be made, we will notify you as soon as they are shipped ***